Payment Method

How does credit card transaction work?

  1.  The customer (you) shops at a merchant website and select credit card as a payment option during the checkout process.
  2.  The customer enters the credit card details required at a secure payment page powered by the iPay88 gateway.
  3. The customer is required to enter a one-time password (OTP) at the bank’s page to authenticate the online purchase.
  4. The transactions will be sent through a secure credit card payment network for approval.
  5. The credit card issuer approves the transaction with an approval code.
  6. Payment has been made successfully to the merchant. All goods sold and delivered are NON-REFUNDABLE, RETURNABLE, EXCHANGEABLE without prior written approval.

Why “iPay88” name stated in my card statement?

We have appointed iPay88 as our third party payment gateway to process online

1. Credit Card payments via iPay88 will be charged 3.5% on the total amount.